Specialist Menu

  • 51. Sam Rod £ 10.95

    Sliced Fish (half sea bass) or Tiger Prawn in a light batter cooked with three flavours of sweet & spicy tamarind fruit sauce

  • 52. Pla Nung Si-Ewe £ 15.50

    A whole steamed fish Sea Bass with Soya sauce and fresh ginger

  • 53. Kai Yang £ 13.75

    Sizzling Barbequed chicken marinated in garlic, pepper, coriander and spices grilled over charcoal served with sweet chilli sauce.

  • 54. Pla Manow £ 15.95

    A whole steamed fish Sea Bass with spicy hot and sour lemon sauce

    (some people may find this spicy)

  • 55. Ped Yang £ 13.75

    Sizzling Thai style slice roasted duck with Soya sauce and a blend of Thai herbs.

  • 56. Ped Chai £ 15.95

    Stir fried Mixed Seafood with spicy strong Thai herbs and fresh chilli.

    (This dish is spicier than other dishes in our menu therefore we recommend to any customer who likes spicy and herbs only)

  • 57. Ped Makam £ 10.50

    Slice Crispy Roasted Duck in batter with a strong taste of sweet & sour dark tamarind fruit saucewith a hint of ginger (like an apple taste).

Please inform us of any allergies, we are unable to refund any mistakes
Minimum credit/debit card £15.00