• 81. Pad Priew Waan £ 8.95

    Thai style sweet and sour beancurd in batter and vegetables.

  • 82. Pad Mad Mamong Himmaparn £ 9.95

    Stir fried mushroom & vegetables with golden cashewnuts served in a crispy potato basket.

  • 83. Pad khing £ 8.75

    Stir fried beancurd and vegetables with fresh ginger.

  • 84. Pad Pak Rum £ 7.50

    Stir fried mixed seasonal vegetable.

  • 85. Tofu Pad Kra Praw £ 8.85

    Stir fried beancurd with fresh chilli and basil leaves.

  • 86. Tofu Pik Row £ 8.85

    Stir fried beancurd with homemade special spicy chilli paste and vegetables.

  • 87. Tofu Sam Rod £ 8.75

    Beancurd deep-fried in a light batter with three flavours of sweet & spicy tamarind fruit sauce.


  • 91. Gang Kiew Waan Pak £ 8.95

    The famous Thai traditional "Green Curry" vegetable in coconut milk.

  • 92. Gang Dang Pak £ 8.95

    Mixed vegetables "Red Curry" in coconut milk with aromatic Thai herbs.

  • 93. Gang Massaman Tofu Pak £ 8.95

    From the Southern part of Thailand, a "Masaman Yellow Curry" with a mild peanut taste in coconut milk with bean curd & vegetables.

  • 94. Gang Panang Tofu Pak £ 8.95

    A soft taste of "Panang Dry Red Curry" in coconut milk, flavoured with lime leaves, cooked with bean curd and vegetables.

  • 95. Gang Pa Pak £ 8.95

    A spicy "Jungle Curry" NON Coconut Milk - With Thai strong herbs and vegetables

    It is soup-based, hence recommended to any customer who like herbs and chilli only. Please ask for more information, we are unable to refund any mistakes if you dislike the dish.

Please inform us of any allergies, we are unable to refund any mistakes
Minimum credit/debit card £15.00